• Spencer Shaver Biography

  • Posted on June 24, 2016
  • Over the course of his adult working life, Colorado Springs "semi-native" Spencer Shaver has had careers in several diverse fields and he’s founded a number of companies. A lot of this is due to his desire to indulge his passion for life. Since 1979, when he moved to Colorado Springs and graduated high school there, he has done that.

    Spencer Shaver earned a degree at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs before he started a career in sales, eventually working his way up the ladder to a position as a sales trainer and, eventually, a personnel director. Dissatisfied with that, however, he became a professional composer in the film and television industries, career he pursued for nearly a decade.

    At some point, Spencer Shaver figured out a way to combine two of his passions, entrepreneurship and martial arts, and he founded a martial arts academy. His passion for the martial arts stemmed from his own experience as a teenage martial arts national champion. With his own martial arts school, he hoped to train local, regional and national martial arts championship follow in his footsteps.

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